Thursday, April 24, 2008

February Potluck

I have Vegetarian Potluck tonight. I though maybe it is time to put pictures up from February’s potluck.

I made the Caesar Salad from Veganomicon. Whenever I cook for myself, everything goes so nicely. However, whenever I cook for other people my kitchen becomes a disaster area. I cut and burn myself, I break things, drop things it is horrible. Does anyone else have this problem? I was not trilled with the dressing for the salad, which could be my fault because as I stated above I suck at cooking for other people. I did not have time to roast the garlic for the croutons, so I sautés minced garlic in about ¼ of a cup oil and went form there. They were awesome. On the upside, I did not have to worry about vampire attacks for about three days afterwards.

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