Friday, November 9, 2007

Star Fruit

I was grocery shopping the other day and I thought I would try something new, a star fruit. I was really exited. Since I never had one before I was not sure how to pick a ripe one. Today I decided to try it. I was surprised that it crunched like an apple. Is it supposed to be like that? I thought the taste was okay but I did not like the texture. I was sitting here and I could smell the star fruit and it reminded me of something from childhood. Then it just hit me it smells like pumpkins when you carve them.


Veggie said...

I tried them once, to me they taste a bit like grapes, but that might be because of the skin.

I thought they would be so exotic, but they aren't worth buying (to me anyway), unless you are using them in a food display of some sort.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I haven't been brave enough to pick one up yet. I think it's one of those things that you need to try at some point just to say you had