Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday Dog Sitting

My Mom was out of town today so I spent the day at her house watching her dog, Shelby. I spent the day in the kitchen.

For breakfast, I made Pumpkin Scones by Jolinda Hackett. I made these for the first time last week for a potluck at work. The recipe called for three teaspoons of ginger, which I did not like. This time I replaced the ginger with one teaspoon cinnamon, one teaspoon nutmeg and one teaspoon ground cloves. I brushed the top with soymilk and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the top. They turned out huge. I will make them this way from now on. They were addictive I won’t even go into how many I ate.

We had just gotten the Vegan Italiano Cookbook by Donna Klein in at work. I decided to make Linguini with Broccoli and Garlic with a side of Rosemary Bread (I’m not sure if this is the actual title, I left the book on the counter at my Mom’s house).The linguini turned out just like a recipe I tried from The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic. Krizmanic’s version was a lot easier to make. The rosemary bread was okay I don't think I will ever make it again.

And for dessert, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Blondes from the book Vegan With A Vengeance. The only soy yogurt that is available in my town is strawberry and peach. I tried it with the strawberry, you couldn’t taste the diffrence in the final product.


gangster_of_love said...

Sarah, I love all of your VEGAN food! Your blog is very pretty. I like the colors and the pictures. And since i love your VEGAN food soooooooooooo much you should def make some of your new and improved scones for me to try. If you bring them in tomarrow i will come after school and EAT them!!! Take my offer into consideration, hopefully I will be eating scones tomarrow!!
-gangster of love
A.K.A chelsea

gangster_of_love said...

oh you big loser!!!! You lie!!! u do NOT COOK all the time because you did NOT cook me scones...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOInTED in YOU!!!! (but you should def bring sum thursday night to the vegan potluck)
Please and thanks
P.S. Stop breaking into CHURCHES.. J/K

Erica said...

Great work.